Port Bonython to create Transport and Logistic jobs?

It is predicted that hundreds of jobs in the transport and logistics industry could be created if the Port Bonython Bulk Commodities Export Facility gets the go-ahead.

Economic analysis carried out for the proposed Port Bonython Bulk Commodities Export Facility’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) predicts that the project would add an extra $10.2 billion to South Australia’s economy in the next 30 years. The construction of the facility itself could create up to 1000 jobs throughout South Australia, with a high number of those being directly employed in the transport and logistics sector bringing material to site. Once up and running the project would require an operational team of 40 to run the facility.

The advantage of building at Port Bonython is that the Bulk Export Facility would create “an efficient, cost-effective route to the global iron-ore market” according to Stewart Lammin of Spencer Gulf Port Link. Spencer Gulf Port Link is the consortium that won the development rights to plan, build and operate the facility.

Once this ‘cost-effective’ route was operational, it could facilitate the export of 50 million tonnes of iron ore per year. 

Due to the reduced cost of bringing iron ore to market, it would be hoped that an expected expansion of mining in the region could facilitate more than 800 permanent jobs in mining with many of them being transport and logistics specific. These (well-paid)      positions will require a well trained workforce that South Australia will need to produce in greater numbers if the state is ever going to capitalize on their abundance of natural and human resources.

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