South Australia releases New Climate Change Strategy

The South Australian Government has released the state’s new Climate Change Strategy detailing action to be undertaken by the state to reduce its emissions from the year 2015 to 2050.

South Australia’s Climate Change Strategy 2015-2050 – Towards a low carbon economy details 30 initiatives that the State has committed itself to undertaking, such as advocating for a national emissions trading scheme and decarbonising government’s electricity supply, to help the state reach its ambitious target of zero net emissions by 2050.

South Australia’s Climate Change Minister Ian Hunter said the new Climate Change Strategy sets a framework for renewed effort and action.

“The new Strategy builds on the leadership that has been demonstrated by industry, the community and government since South Australia took early and decisive action in 2007 and introduced the nation’s first climate change legislation” he said.

The new strategy comes just two months after the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources released a series of consultation papers for public comment on the state’s future climate change strategy going forward.

The South Australian Freight Council submitted on behalf of our membership and the wider transport and logistics industry. The submission can be found here.  

To kick-start their efforts, the South Australian government will roll out the Low Carbon Investment Plan, which was also just recently released. The Plan develops how South Australia will achieve $10 billion in low carbon generation by 2025.

The South Australian government by setting a target of zero net emissions by 2050 has established its intentions in being a global leader in carbon reduction. It is hoped that South Australia can realise this ambition and attract related investment, creating opportunity for local industry participation and new jobs.

South Australia’s Climate Change Strategy 2015-2050 – Towards a low carbon economy can be downloaded here.

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