Northern Adelaide Skills, Workforce and Employment Blueprint Launched

Prepared for Northern Futures and launched by their Chair Rod Keane, the Northern Adelaide Skills, Workforce and Employment Blueprint 2010 was launched at John Harley School on Friday April 1st 2011.

The Launch was well attended and included guest speakers the Hon. Michael O’Brien, Minister for Northern Suburbs and the Member for Wakefield, Hon. Nick Champion.

The Blueprint, which was written by Ed Carson and Lorraine Kerr, was a collaborative effort and included financial support from DFEEST in addition to in kind support by a variety of organisations.

The Blueprint has three parts and covers a broad range of topics in the skills, workforce and employment spectrum for Northern Adelaide. Part one indicates jobs growth in the region, future prospects and priorities for skills and qualifications.

The Transport and Logistics industry features in part one as one of the fastest growing industries by share of employment in Adelaide’s North. The report concludes that some of the skills required include truck drivers, train drivers, forklift drivers, aircraft pilots and air traffic controllers.

In part two the Blueprint covers barriers to employment for Northern Adelaide residents including literacy and schooling challenges.

Part three of the Blueprint highlights policy and programs for increasing participation in addition to discussions on the way forward and action to be taken to effect strategic intervention.

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