In Transport and Logistics a commonly used KPI is reduced incidents in the workplace and Toll IPEC is one company that places a heavy focus on the safety of their employees. As well as improvements to staff morale and productivity improvements resulting from a safe and healthy workforce, workplace incidents can have serious costs attached to them. One such incident in 2011 resulted in successful litigation against TOLL IPEC with the company paying out $210,000 in damages to a past employee.

While there is little to no information available on the actual monetary benefits of training to TOLL IPEC, anecdotal reports say TOLL IPEC, after completing training with 130 of their workers, had a substantial reduction in workplace incidents of over 30%. This would likely have resulted in a significant return on investment, though the actual ROI is unknown. Employee morale also reportedly increased but again this is difficult to quantify into fiscal results for the company.

Toll IPEC's training initiative with its 130 workers can be seen as part of a much larger TOLL Group safety initiative. With its heavy focus on Health and Safety one of this area's four guiding principles is the necessity to provide training to work safely.


While Toll Group's annual Workplace Health and Safety training budget is not publicly available, one of their 2013 highlights illustrated in their Annual Report was a significantly reduced Lost Time Injury frequency rate (per million hours worked).

The LTI rate for 2013 was 1.65, down from 2.13 in 2012 and 2.30 in 2011.

Training cannot claim all credit for these reductions, but must have made a significant contribution to this improvement which will have led to significant cost reductions.