Educational Material

The purpose of the Educational Material page is to share training material suitable for those with an interest in Transport and Logistics in high school.

The material incorporates everything from The Logistics of an Xbox Presentation, Science Lesson Plans, Work Health and Safety Handouts to Numeracy Challenges, all contained within a Transport and Logistics framework.

Much of the material is presented in a "Gen Z" graphic style to appeal to students. The material is suitable for small training sessions or larger class based learning, for those looking to develop their workplace skills or get a heads up on Workplace Health and Safety before going out on placement.

The material incorporates Literacy, Language and Numeracy (LLN) tuition and Employability Skills and Knowledge to cover Workplace Calculations, Communication and Teams. All materials are free to share and use.




Presentations on Logistics


Work Health and Safety



Language, Literacy and Numeracy Skills


Work Educational Lessons


Skills needed in the Industry