As well as addressing 'people' related issues, including challenges around gender imbalance and the decline of women employed in the industry SAFC is of the opinion that efforts should be made to promote success stories within the transport and logistics industry for women.


The following career profiles have been developed from interviews with successful South Australian women working in a diverse range of roles within Transport and Logistics. The career profiles outline what attracted our interviewees to the industry, the development of their skills that enabled them to forge a successful career within transport and logistics and includes their tips for experienced workers, recent entrants and those looking to enter the industry for the very first time.

By illustrating the everyday things successful women in SA's transport and logistics industry love about their jobs it is hoped their stories will inspire those who have an interest in transport and logistics to pursue their own successful career paths.

Furthermore, the career profiles with an emphasis on training, mentoring and skills progression highlight some of the varying pathways one can take in forging a successful career - from industry entrant to management and beyond.


Career Profiles