Angela Mazzone - UPS Supply Chain Solutions


Branch Manager


I wasn't familiar with the transport and logistics industry coming out of school. I got my opportunity like so many others. I was looking for work, to get some hands on operational experience, and an opportunity opened up with a local freight forwarder.

As a new entrant into the industry I didn't know much about the industry but it didn't faze me. From the very first day I loved it. It's fast paced and interesting. You get to deal with people of all different countries and cultures with diverse backgrounds and various industries. It always presents new challenges and I love that.

After beginning my career with a local freight forwarding company, I moved to Ansett Australia in their international ground cargo handling division. It was a great company to work for, and a fabulous base where I continued to learn and develop my career. Unfortunately they went into receivership, which presented an opportunity to gain a slightly different perspective of the industry working with Malaysia Airlines and then CSX Terminals. These two very different ranges of the freight spectrum gave me good exposure and a greater understanding of the role and interactions of the various Transport and Logistics modes. To this day I believe this experience continues to help me.

In progressing in my career I think a whole range of different things have helped. My initial exposure across different modes of transport was instrumental in giving me a foundation to further develop my skills. It is important to start with the basics and work your way up. You learn so much along the way, sometimes we take it for granted how much we have picked up and learnt. Developing a good understanding of how the industry works from aviation to shipping can't be overstated enough and is crucial to your long term development, in my opinion.

I always considered Freight Forwarding my forte and jumped back into the sector with DHL in import customer service before moving onto UPS where I am today. At UPS I have worked in all areas of Operations, Customer Service and Business Development, before becoming the Branch Manager for South Australia. UPS has been fantastic in developing and nurturing their staff and they have provided me opportunities that I may not have received elsewhere and I will always be grateful for that.

One of the benefits of working for a global freight forwarder are the opportunities that are available to their staff, not just at a local level, but also national and international. Having a global base provides opportunity for further development across multiple areas of the business, regardless of gender.

There is probably a stigma attached to the Transport & Logistics industry that may turn some women away. In this industry females may have to work harder and longer to get noticed, but I believe the rewards are there for anyone who puts in the effort. Fortunately, UPS are dedicated to developing their staff equally. I have always been keen to learn as much as I could, and have worked very hard which has enabled me to pursue my career in this industry. I would certainly recommend this industry to other aspiring young women, it has a lot to offer if you are not afraid of hard work and look forward to a challenge.