Lucy Nixon - Mainfreight


Import Sea Operations


It was the opportunities that initially attracted me to the industry. Not many people are aware of the multiple roles in freight forwarding, and how they range from state to state, nationally or internationally. So it is something I knew would have plenty of opportunities in terms of choice of job, and career progression. I had previously worked in hospitality and fitness before moving into freight forwarding, and those jobs were a little too regular for me. Doing the same thing day in and day out, but Transport and Logistics is something completely different and was out of my comfort zone.

It is a fast paced work environment, but from my experience, for those that put in the effort, apply themselves and really work hard, the industry can provide fast career progression. Personally, I started in an administrative role and within six months I was offered an Import Sea Operations position. I deal with the import side of operations and LCL (Less Container Cargo) consolidation. So basically I am involved in keeping track of clients' shipments and organising when cargo comes available, as well as liaising with our Customs Brokers to ensure a smooth clearance process.

There are some certain personal skills that I believe help me within the industry, skills I didn't necessarily know I had until I started. Multi-tasking, and the ability to liaise effectively with our overseas clients, speak with our overseas agents, as well as liaise with all walks of life from truck drivers to Senior Management, of which are all very important skills to have.

I certainly believe my own achievements and determinations will take me far in this industry. It is hard not to be inspired when you take a look around the team environment, certainly around the parts I have been involved in. You see examples of people who have achieved so much at such a young age, like my office manager. To see all the things that you can do at a young age and how far you can progress in such a limited time is something of a drive for myself, wanting to achieve these things also.
I had no experience in freight forwarding before I started with Mainfreight, but it is something I would recommend to anyone. To anyone considering giving it a go, just do it. It was something I decided to take a chance at, and I haven't looked back since.

One day I'd like to see myself moving into a Sales Executive position, or even into the field of Customs Broking. I do enjoy the hands on experience working and dealing with clients. It is something I really enjoy and am very confident at, but until then I am glad to be a part of the operational side of things, and learning the ins and outs of the industry.

Mainfreight hire largely from within, and it's exciting to know you may have the opportunity to one day potentially move between areas, or move between countries. It's exciting how they give you that option.