The South Australian Freight Council (SAFC) is the State’s peak, multi-modal freight and logistics industry group that advises both the Federal and State governments on industry related issues, and is funded by both governments and industry. SAFC represents road, rail, sea and air freight modes and operations, freight service users, and assists the industry on issues relating to freight logistics across all modes.

SAFC as a peak industry body, with members drawn from all industry sectors across the supply chain, believes that an efficient, effective and internationally competitive freight system is essential in enabling the State to achieve the social and economic future it deserves. SAFC is of the opinion that a key enabler of achieving these ambitions is the development of a competently skilled and expanding workforce, a workforce where women are increasingly and deservedly given the opportunity to contribute. However SAFC recognises more must be done to ensure women are attracted to the transport and logistics industry, and once there, are retained by ensuring they are provided with the opportunities they merit, something which they may not have received in the past.

The South Australian Freight Council is committed to supporting women employed in transport and logistics to realise their professional potential. Our vision is that the industry offers opportunities for existing women employees to pursue dynamic and fulfilling careers, while also attracting new female employees.

Transport and logistics is often described as being at the ‘cutting edge’ of technology and innovation. The opportunity exists for the industry to likewise lead the way in showcasing best practice principles for encouraging greater workforce diversity and gender inclusion.

This series of web pages references recent publications and research regarding best practice, and is further supported by interviews with local employers. It also highlights case studies of South Australian women working in a diverse range of roles, outlining what attracted them to the transport and logistics industry and how they have established successful careers, including in non-traditional roles.

Through the release of this document SAFC continues to position itself as a leader in addressing “People” related issues on behalf of the South Australian transport and logistics industry.


The full report can be downloaded here.