2014 Transport & Logistics Green Light Day

Almost everything that we purchase has at some stage been transported by air, sea, rail or road and stored before or after its distribution. The supply chain is best described as the different steps and methods through which products and services are delivered from suppliers to consumers in the most efficient manner possible. This involves the interaction of producers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers that are involved in the sale, delivery and production of goods or services.

The Australian transport and logistics (T&L) industry is responsible for the way Australia moves products, services and people, and covers nine broad areas: aviation, freight forwarding, maritime, ports and stevedoring, postal, rail transport, road transport, warehousing and logistics, and wholesale. The supply chain includes ports, roads, railways, freight terminals, airports, and material handling centres.

The traditional image of the transport and logistics industry has been one of physically demanding jobs and heavily industrialised workplaces. Today’s scene is different. The T&L industry is a technologically advanced, dynamic and vibrant industry with a diverse range of career opportunities and a highly skilled and professional workforce. The T & L industry workforce is expected to grow significantly, with a forecast of job openings of 151,100 for the period 2013-17. This is on top of an existing workforce of 797,000 across 165,000 businesses.

The first ever ‘Green Light’ Transport and Logistics Day was held on Friday, 26 August 2011. The event aimed to raise awareness of the transport and logistics industry and promote the benefits of choosing transport and logistics as a career. This annual event is now in its fourth year and each year, school students have the opportunity to discover the many diverse opportunities that a career in the T & L industry can provide.

Transport for NSW, on behalf of the NSW Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Group (TLWAG) will be holding the next ‘Green Light’ Transport and Logistics Day on 22 August 2014. Green Light Day will consist of open day events at:

  • The RAAF Base, at Richmond.
  • Fighterworld and RAAF base, Williamtown.
  • National Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA) and the Transport Management Centre, Eveleigh.
  • Trainworks Rail Heritage, Thirlmere.


Article from www.tandlnews.com.au