ALDI joins Sedex to improve its ethical Supply Chain

In an effort to improve the management of ethical practises throughout its supply chain, Aldi Australia has joined the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (Sedex). As a member of Sedex, Aldi will have access to range of market leading reporting and risk analysis tools from Sedex will closely work with Aldi to track their suppliers and monitor their supply chain performance.

This will help Aldi identify and report on areas of high risk in the supply chain including Labour Standards, Health & Safety, The Environment and Business Ethics, enabling staff and suppliers to take the necessary steps to address potential issues.

The move will support the supply chain of over 315 stores that are now in operation across the country, their expansion into Western Australia and South Australia as well as the new Warehouse and Distribution Centre planned at Regency Park in South Australia.

An Aldi spokesperson commenting on the benefits of joining Sedex said “As a discount retailer we are active globally through both our expanding market presence and our increasingly diverse supply chain. Our corporate responsibility extends to the direct and indirect impacts of our business and it is an integral part of our business decision making process. At present we stipulate in our terms and conditions that all suppliers agree to a minimum set of ethical standards.”

“At Aldi Australia, we are now taking the additional step of examining ethical standards of our supply chain by requiring suppliers in a number of categories to provide independent third party social audits. The continued globalisation of our supplier base means that our membership with Sedex will assist in managing this increasing complexity whilst maintaining our ethical standards”.