Green Light Day

The Green Light Day event is a NSW-based industry and government supported awareness day to highlight the wide range of opportunities and experiences the transport and logistics industry can offer. This year it is scheduled for Friday 22 August 2014.

Green Light Day is an initiative consistent with raising the awareness of the diverse career opportunities in the transport and logistics industry sectors with young people facing their first career choice. TLISC actively supports the event through its involvement with the NSW Transport and Logistics Workforce Advisory Group.

The day generally consists of a site visit with guest speakers from a range of industry sectors. Invited schools participate in the day at nominated sites – this year venues at Newcastle, Richmond, Sydney and Thirlmere will be hosting students from neighbouring schools.

The day was positively received by participating schools in 2012 and 2013. Highlights have included the guest speakers who not only describe a role in transport and logistics sectors but share their personal career journey and subtly reassure the students that there are many paths to a rewarding career.


Article from TLISC's June 2014 newsletter