Industry Leading Coolant Calculator Launched

As part of the new SAFC Website, the SAFC Coolant Calculator has been launched. You can access the site from the Homepage of but will need to be either a current SAFC Member OR you can purchase usage of the Calculator through the Website.

Maintaining the cold chain is perhaps the most significant aspect influencing product quality and outturn for perishable products. Product quality is generally best when first harvested or processed and from that point forward, quality can only be maintained by slowing the rate of natural deterioration through careful handling and temperature control – Maintaining the Cold Chain.

Ideal conditions for storage and transportation vary from product to product and from supply chain to supply chain. The conditions that a product will be subjected to also change from supply chain to supply chain, from season to season, from one journey to another.

Supply chains can be subject to unavoidable temperature breaks where mechanical refrigeration is either not functioning or not available and products are thereby exposed to temperatures that destroy product quality.

To assist in these situations coolants, such as gel packs or ice, are often packed with the product to maintain product quality and safety. But how much ice or coolant should you use?

SAFC’s latest tool to assist industry is the Coolant Calculator - the first full chain, paddock to plate coolant estimator.

 In order to use the Coolant Calculator to make an estimate of coolant needs the following information is required:

  • Desired product handling temperature.

  • Packaging type, dimensions and wall thickness.

  • Coolant type (and specifications if non standard).

  • Product temperature at time of packing with coolant.

  • Supply chain stages the product will go through.

  • Time product will spend in each stage

  • Temperature product will be exposed to.

When all of the parameters have been entered into the Online Coolant Calculator an output page will show you an estimate of how much coolant will be depleted throughout the full supply chain and at what stages of the Supply Chain you are consuming your coolants.

Access to the SAFC Coolant Calculator is by subscription for either a number of uses or through SAFC Membership.

You can apply for Membership Online or contact us with any queries – EMAIL HERE