NHVR Experiences Teething Problems

The transition into force of the NHVL and carriage through the NHVR has not been with out its share of teething problems. The approval process for Oversize/Overmass (Class 1) (OSOM) and Special Performance Vehicles (SPV) permits has proven a difficult hurdle in the NHVR’s smooth transition to one regulator and one rule book.

In an open display of support for and collegiality with the NHVR, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are actively working with the NHVR to address these early issues for industry. To avoid lengthy processing delays the Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) will take back the processing and issue of OSOM and SPV permits for routes within South Australian borders on behalf of the NHVR.

The NHVR will continue to process all other permit applications including OSOM/SPV cross border permit applications.  These temporary arrangements will remain in place until the NHVR has the capacity and ability to handle the current permit volumes. 

The new arrangements took effect on Thursday 27 February 2014. Operators can now apply online for OSOM/SPV permit applications at www.ezyreg.sa.gov.au.

Where consent is being sought for permits from local government, the NHVR encourages operators who want to speed up the application process to seek consent directly from councils and provide copies of the consent (including any conditions imposed) with the permit application to the NHVR.