Review of Transport and Logistics Qualifications

As part of their operation the Transport and Logistics Industry Skills Council (TLISC) has been busy in reviewing competency standards in the Freight Transport Industry, and in particular the Road Transport and Warehousing & Logistics sector.

The review covering Certificate I, II and III for Driving Operations is almost complete. On the 28th of January TLISC’s Driving Operations Steering Committee met to review feedback received from the industry on the current Certificates across Driving Operations and forwarded certain projects (to update the units and competencies) for final comment.

Furthermore, TLISC’s Dangerous Goods licence technical advisory group are near to completing updates to the unit “TLILIC3013A Preparation to transport dangerous goods by road”.

In the warehouse and logistics sector, TLISC’s Warehouse and Logistics Steering Committee accepted the final proposed changes to the related sector’s certificates and units, thus completing their role, and in accordance with their terms of reference they have since dissolved.

The major change was that revised ‘Chain of Responsibility’ units are to be included in Warehouse and Logistics (and Driver Operations) qualifications with the applicable Chain of Responsibility unit becoming core across Certificate II, III, IV and Diploma qualifications.

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