SA Skills for All Funded Training Place Update

DFEEST recently held an industry forum to update participants on their Skills for All program. The forum was scheduled to update attendees on changes to Skills for All’s Funded Training Place Allocations system due to budget cuts.

Just prior to the forum the Department released a Skills for All discussion paper on the possible directions and available options for funded training places allocation system going for-ward which directed the forum.

The discussion paper looked for industry and stakeholder views on measures to improve the overall transparency of the funded training places allocation system. To determine the training profile and number of funded training places six key principals will be utilised by DFEEST to ensure public funds are allocated to greatest effect.

The publication of the training profile and the number of new funded training places is intended to deliver a level of certainty to the market by providing detailed information, up front, about the volume of training to be funded by Government in a given period e.g. a year, six months or a semester.

In an attempt to best apply DFEEST’s six Key Principles to deliver on State priorities and strategic industry requirements, the discussion papers proposed three individual models that could be applied to the Funded Training Place Allocations process; A Global Model, a Training Package Model and a Course Level Model.

Each model has strengths and challenges that need to be considered and the Department is examining the response to their survey following the discussion paper to determine their model going forward. A consultation outcomes report is to follow.