Safework SA National Freight Transport Project

In February 2015, SafeWork SA completed the state component of a national project involving the freight transport sector.

The focus of this project was to address injuries resulting from falls from a height, and falls at the same level. There was also a focus on addressing injuries from hazardous manual tasks.

In 2010-12, 36% of injuries in the sector were attributed to muscular stress, 30% for falls, and 12% for vehicle accidents. These types of injuries are common for transport workers across Australia.

Randomly selected transport businesses were contacted to be part of the project and provided with a self-assessment checklist to fill out prior to a scheduled visit by a member of the SafeWork SA Workplace Support Team.

SafeWork SA staff visited a total of 14 medium and 25 small businesses from late November 2014 to the end of January 2015.  

Based on the results from the 39 businesses who participated in the project, the following trends emerged:

70% had no WHS representative on site (N.B. workplaces only need a HSR if requested by workers)

88% familiar with legislative duties

90% effectively undertake corrective actions as WHS issues reported

Documentation of toolbox meetings ad hoc or not documentedEmployers consulted well with workers, mostly via toolbox meetings
Almost 20% had no review process in place when managing hazards

62% effectively manage hazards and risks

Businesses largely provided adequate training and supervision of workers


85% effectively reported hazards and injuries

Larger PCBUs* had documentation in place for WHS, with access to professional consultation

*PCBU = Person Conducting Business Undertaking

You can access a variety of resources that can help you to improve your OHS&W environment through the SafeWork SA Website HERE