School-based Trainees undertake great Charitable work in Elizabeth, SA


Interested in getting paid, getting qualified training in Transport and Logistics all while doing good for your community at the same time?

A Gesture school-based trainees (SBATs) work up to 18 moths, for one day per week, which they are paid a competitive wage for through Group Training. During this time they complete a Certificate II and III in warehousing. Currently A Gesture Elizabeth hosts 70 SBAT students from Northern Adelaide High Schools.

Students learn classroom theory for part of the day, and get hands-on experience in the warehouse the rest of the day. They also learn important life skills through our cleaning and workplace maintenance activities. The combination of classroom-based theory, and practical warehouse experience provides an incredible learning and training opportunity to give our trainees a competitive advantage in the job market.


Gesture Background


For Interested Companies Looking to Help Out

A Gesture, the charity organisation that supplies fresh, nutritional food to many disadvantaged in Adelaide’s Northern Suburbs and provides their young workforce with accredited vocational training in Transport and Logistics is looking for warehousing operators with a philanthropic sense of community to help out with an upcoming pilot program.

 A Gesture are looking to trial a program in South Australia, already successful in Victoria, where a company would take in one of their second year students for one day a week over their two week school holidays for work experience. The program is designed to get the student used to a busy work environment as they work towards their Certificate III in Warehousing with A Gesture.

 The incoming student would already have their Certificate II in Warehousing and have been with A Gesture for over a year. Participating companies would also have their choice of student and have the option to view their attendance records to ensure they are only getting dedicated workers. But with very high retention and attendance rates from A Gesture’s students this should be no issue.


If you are interested or would like to find out further information please email Dale Wylie (A Gesture).