Shipping to Cast Off Red Tape & Set Sail for Productivity Boost

The Australian Government is inviting input on reforms to revitalise
coastal shipping in Australia, with the release of its Regulation
of Coastal Shipping Options Paper.

The Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development
Warren Truss told the 2014 International Association of Ports
and Harbors Mid-Term Conference in Sydney that removing
unnecessary regulatory burdens will boost competitiveness.

"Right now our domestic shipping industry is treading water,
bound in red tape and unable to be competitive both domestically
and internationally, Mr Truss said.

"As an island nation, Australia's competitiveness, to an evergrowing
extent, depends on local industries exporting our
world-class products overseas in the most cost-effective way

"Our domestic freight task is growing rapidly and shipping
should be carrying a larger share of the load.
"We will take a measured and careful approach to this process
and I am determined to ensure we rebalance the system to
support Australia's shipping needs."

The shipping industry currently handles 99% of Australia's
international trade and volume is expected to double by 2029-
30. Like our international trade, coastal shipping is an important
part of Australia's domestic freight task, comprising
20% of movements.

"Too often we hear that it is cheaper to freight goods from
overseas than ship them from one Australian port to another.
"A viable, vibrant shipping industry is essential to our national
prosperity and it is critical that our transport links are working
at optimal capacity and efficiently."

The review will seek input on all areas of regulation of coastal