Steve Harper Launches Material Handling & Logistics Recruitment Division

Former Toyota Material Handling Australia President Steve Harper has joined Automotive Personnel specifically to encourage company growth through the introduction of a new division that will target material handling and logistics personnel recruitment. Automotive Personnel is a renowned Australia-based international recruitment company.

This appointment follows Mr Harper’s 35+ years with the Toyota family in Australia, which commenced in 1975 with Thiess Toyota, the then Toyota commercial vehicle importer/distributer. Mr Harper served 20 years with Toyota’s automotive company, which was then followed by 15 years overseeing Toyota’s Australian material handling operations, increasing growth at every available opportunity.

From 2003, Mr Harper was instrumental in the acquisition and consolidation of eight major independent dealer franchises, culminating in 2007 with the formation of a new company called Toyota Material Handling Australia (TMHA). Mr Harper became a director of all business acquisitions and also sat on the board of TMHA.

Mr Harper looks forward to the opportunities presented by the new logistics recruitment division, since human resource recruitment was always an integral part of management within his Toyota career.


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