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Clipsal 002In the Transport and Logistics industry, we see goods being physically transported, imported and exported, but none of this would happen without some other important services.

The warehousing sector is one vital link in the logistics chain, and is seeing rapid advances. Technologies as advanced as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), robots and advanced computer systems are revolutionising modern warehouses.

Freight forwarders also play an important role. They are a group of specialised companies that facilitate the movement of freight, both domestically and internationally. In most instances, freight forwarders are used when companies are exporting or importing their products from or to international markets. Therefore, many freight forwarders also act as licensed Customs Brokers, to clear goods through Customs and Quarantine.

Government also provides a necessary link in the chain, to help facilitate the movement of people and goods, while maintaining safety, security and the environment.


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