Ship at portSea Transport is critical to Australia as an island nation. It links our products to overseas markets and allows us access to goods produced elsewhere. In fact, 99% of Australia’s international exports and imports travel via sea.

With a strong mining sector in Western Australia, it is not surprising that the state’s top sea exports are minerals (particularly iron ore) by both volume and value. Other significant exports include mineral fuels, grains, petrochemical products, wood and animals/animal products including meat. Western Australia’s largest sea import by both volume and value is building materials. Other top imports follow nation-wide trends being consumer in nature.

The importance of sea transport to Australia is being recognised through major port infrastructure upgrades across the country. This includes channel deepening in Adelaide and Melbourne, and the building of a new container terminal in Sydney.


General Info




  • Western Australian Metro Freight Network aims to identify and protect the metropolitan freight road and rail network as well as minimise the adverse impact of freight transport noise on adjacent development.


  • Albany Port Authority Located on the north shore of Princess Royal Harbour,with port waters and seabed extending throughout Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound


  • Bunbury Port Authority The Port is a pivot point for world wide distribution of products from the South West of Australia. Rail and road links enable the Port to capitalise on cargo throughput.



  • Broome Port Authority The principal deepwater port servicing Western Australia's Kimberley region. The Port supports livestock export, offshore oil and gas exploration supply vessels, pearling, fishing charter boats, cruise liners and is the main fuel and container receival point for the region.


  • Dampier Port Authority The Port of Dampier continues to be one of the largest bulk export ports in the world. Exports include iron ore, salt, liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, condensate, anhydrous ammonia and general cargo.


  • Esperance Port Authority The Port is the largest nickel concentrate exporting port in the southern hemisphere and is the gateway to world markets for Australia’s principal nickel mining region.


  • Fremantle Ports The port is the State’s biggest general cargo port and Australia's fourth largest container port.


  • Geraldton Port Authority Geraldton Port has created somewhat of a niche market for the export of iron ore in smaller ships to shallow draft ports in China. The proximity of Geraldton to Asia has also made the Port and attractive option for exporters.


  • Port Hedland Port Authority is built to support the world. state of the art facilities. Ensuring all operations run smoothly and on time, every time.




Publications& Reports


  • 2012 Review of Western Australian Ports As part of the Ports Review, the Department of Transport updated the 1995 Role of Ports in Western Australia paper to reflect the current priorities, roles and responsibilities for port authorities, stakeholders and port customers.









  • Freight and Logistics Council of WA The objective of the Council is to be a forum for industry decision-makers to talk with Government policy-makers at a senior level about supply chain efficiency.